Ukrainians have created a unique startup: no longer need to worry about drinking water

Украинцы создали уникальный стартап: больше не нужно беспокоиться о питьевой воде

The device measures the amount of water in bottles in advance and invites the owner to order the delivery of water.

Ukrainian startup Ally presented the same stand for bottles of water, which makes the office never run out of water. It is reported

The stand attaches under the bottle and connect to Wi-Fi. When the water is over, the gadget will send a message to the owner of a messenger: Telegram, Viber or Messenger, to order a new one. Using chat bot Ally will automatically prompt delivery time and form an order, and the user will only need to confirm the charges.

The authors say that the stand makes it easy to understand what time the owner actively drinks water and then starts to offer the best delivery time.

Украинцы создали уникальный стартап: больше не нужно беспокоиться о питьевой воде

Ally in the company today employs 7 people

Ally the startup was founded by Roman Kaliszeski, co-founder of IT company Artua, and reserve officers Paul Klymenko and Roman Svetlik. In total, the team is now working seven.

A reasonable idea of stand came up with a novel Kaliszeski. In his office there were problems with the delivery of water and to solve this problem, a novel invented primitive scales that analyzed the content of the bottle and automatically send an order in the online store. Six months later, he noted that the water consumption at the office increased by 40% – and realized that it can be beneficial to the companies from this sector.

The team conducted about 20 interviews with potential customers and identified two major problems in the delivery of water:

  • customers tired of the phone calls to order;
  • the water is brought at the wrong time.

Around these moments and build offer a start-up. Founders Ally came up with the idea in the company IDS Borjomi Ukraine, which is engaged in the delivery of water,”Alaska” and “Morshynska“. After negotiations, the startup has had the opportunity to work with the information system of the company and continued to develop the product.

Украинцы создали уникальный стартап: больше не нужно беспокоиться о питьевой воде

Ukrainians have created a unique startup that will facilitate the delivery of water

The team noted that the amount of investment in Ally amounts to “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” Startup now serves more than 80 clients – it’s like regular users and corporate. Besides, Ally made the first batch of 1000 coasters and had left with her.

The startup is negotiating the purchase of a large party. Product also interested in companies from Europe and the UAE. In addition, the team is working on a similar device for coolers.

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