Ukrainians held their breath: the network got the truth about Vladimir Zelensky

Украинцы затаили дыхание: в сеть попала правда о Владимире Зеленском

Popular Ukrainian prophetess Lana Yar reported before, what actually is the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to the prophetess, Vladimir Zelensky was a good person and he just created to lead the country.

This time hypnotherapist, unergonomical, member of the European League of hypnotherapists and psychologists Tatiana Zabzaliuk said, what is really Vladimir Zelensky.

It should be noted that unergonomically is one of the deepest methods of studying personality, his energy structures, capacities, abilities and capabilities in every sphere of life.

“Settlements are different from classic numerology and have a more in-depth and detailed description, describing everything alone date of birth. And what if two people have the same birth date, whether they are copies of each other? No. This is a distinctive and very positive feature energopromanalitika matrices. A qualified specialist will determine which set of energies peculiar to a specific person, and that is not about him,” said Tatiana.

Tatiana said that the comedian soft good heart. But this does not mean that he is weak. The power of the mind, structural thinking, logic, strong intuition and optimism pointed that softness and kindness in his power.

She also noted that Vladimir Zelensky good to the women, children, the elderly. He also knows how to forgive offenses and to enjoy the moments of life “here and now”. He has a sense of aesthetics, beauty, refinement and good taste by far.

According to Tatyana, Zelensky is a true leader and ready to guide, to lead. He knows how to deeply analyze a situation to determine the major goals and achieve them. Thus all for which it is taken seriously, it’s working perfectly.

It is also worth noting that the sense of humor gives him the ability to forgive and move on.

Also Tatiana said, what are the cons of his character. According to her, anyone can all the minuses translate into the pros.

For example, Vladimir Zelensky has a huge penchant for solitude. With all these qualities, he has energy, which is responsible for the fulfillment of desires. The main thing is to overcome your fears and doubts that may hamper his way.

It is also worth noting that in financial matters Vladimir Zelensky is able to build a workflow, while not forgetting about the rest, how to manage finances.

Also, the tat concluded that the Vladimir Zelensky quite generous and open to charity, help people and in particular children, families. According to her, he finds the balance between “yourself and others”.