Ukrainians Loginov accused of stealing medals from Pidruchna and demanded to understand

Украинцы обвинили Логинова в воровстве медали у Пидручного и потребовали разобраться

Ukrainian edition published an article with sharp accusations against Russian biathlete Alexander Loginov.

In the publication “logins stole Pidruchna a world championship medal. Waiting for the doping test” was created by Denis Shahova Russians accused that he award the world championship in the sprint went to Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchniy. Loginov won the race the second place, the Ukrainian athlete – the fourth. Thus, according to Shahova, 27-year-old Pidruchny “spent the best race in the career” of hitting 10 targets out of 10, and showed the fifth time on the track.

“There are men who do not respect the whole world biathlon Alexander Loginov. It was he this time won a silver award. Of men, whom all admired, he turned into the main enemy of the world biathlon. He managed in the Junior age to successfully compete with more experienced athletes, to win their fight for the podium on the world Cup. But it turned out to be a swindler. But for now let’s wait for the doping test results”, – the author writes.

The world Cup takes place in Ostersund, Sweden, he started on 7 March and will conclude on March 17. Today will be the pursuit.

Alexander Loginov was suspended from competition by the Union of biathletes of Russia after receiving information from IBU on suspicious doping samples collected from the athlete out-of-competition period on 26 November 2013. In November 2014 IBU decided to retest suspicious doping samples based on new techniques. Five of these samples tested positive, including the sample taken in November 2013. On 10 July, 2015 decision of the IBU Loginov was suspended until 25 November 2016. All results of the athlete starting from the moment of sampling in November 2013, were declared invalid.