Ukrainians massively attacked by snakes: there are already the first victims

Украинцев массово атакуют змеи: уже есть первые жертвы

Only during the first few summer days in the Zaporozhye region was hospitalized two people after snake bites. So, in Polohy city man mowed the grass and did not notice the reptile. This was followed by a bite – the snake attacked.

The man immediately turned for help to physicians. Those, in turn, say, treatment can provide symptomatic as special vaccines in the city and region no.

The first and the most important thing for snake bite – immobilize an injured part of the body. Do not try to cauterize the wound or suck the venom out – this can cause the spread of venom throughout the body.

Another important condition – to drink plenty of liquids.

Remember, in an open area where there is tall grass, rotten stumps or stones, you should always wear tight fitting clothing, including don’t forget the shoes – preferably wellies.

Doctors pay attention, now snakes are particularly active – can even hang from trees. Typically, the first reptiles do not attack. Show aggression only in case of careless human contact with reptiles.