Ukrainians massively shut off the water: how much to pay

Украинцам массово отключают воду: сколько нужно платить

In Ukraine in the summer traditionally starts the mass off the hot water for the hydraulic operations. Plan and terms negotiates the local authority.

However, as shown by the experience of past years, the period without water can drag on for months. From 22 April till the end of August throughout the country Ukrainians will be to turn off the hot water.

What you need to know:

  • Ukraine has started the season off mass of hot water:
  • by law, the planned cessation of water should occur according to the schedule approved by the local authority;
  • suppliers often abuse their rights and extend the period of disconnection;
  • if given instead of hot water warm or completely cut off service, the Ukrainians have the right to either not pay or pay less;
  • the boilers will not save the situation: the mass installation of water heaters results in greater growth rates and problems with wiring, which is in most cases not designed for water heating.

Why can turn off the hot water?

Lawyers say that the supplier is obliged to notify of an impending disconnection for 10 days. Often the ads posted on the entrances, but also, this information can be placed in the media or on the official website of the supplier.

Individual requirements are and what information should be contained in such ads.

“The law obliges the provider to specify information about the cause and timing of the outage. If the vendor violates the terms, the consumer at least has the right not to pay for the service, but in theory it is also possible to apply to the court for compensation of possible losses from breaches of schedule,” – said the lawyer.

According to the decree of Cabinet of Ministers No. 151, the repair work can be carried out not more than six hours a day. The National Commission in the areas of energy and utilities clarify: if shutdown lasts longer, for each day in excess of plan monthly fee for utilities is reduced by 3.3%.

What if instead of hot water – cold or no counter

By law, the supplier of utility services that he needs to recalculate if, for example, instead of hot water for some reason, served cold. The Cabinet approved the qualitative characteristics of public utilities. If they are violated, you must fill out the application and send it to the company. There should check the details, write the act and to recalculate the amount in the payment.

“Normative water temperatures 50 to 75 degrees. Lowering for every five degrees reduces the size of the tariff. That is, at a temperature of 45-49 degrees – 90% of the fare from 40 to 44 degrees – 70%. If “summer water” (40 degrees), then you pay for it at the rate of the cold” – say the experts.

When hot water is turned off, and no counter, problems should not arise. But if you pay at the rate of consumption and you have turned off the hot water at the end of the month you must make sure that the amount of the payment decreased in proportion to the number of days without water.