Ukrainians once again won medals in the championship in Informatics: the secrets of success of our team

Українці знову вибороли медалі на чемпіонаті з інформатики: секрети успіху нашої команди

Our students won four medals at International Olympiad in Informatics, the newspaper “Express”. Competed Ukrainians with 335 participants from 87 countries! The Olympics was held in the Japanese city of Tsukuba, which is one of the research centers of the country.

Gold for Ukraine was won by Daniel smulski e, silver — Sophia Miller and Nazar Money, bronze — Adalbert Makarovich. The first three students of the Lyceum “Flight” (Poltava oblast specialized boarding school with advanced study of separate subjects and courses in Kremenchuk pedagogical College. A. Makarenko), the fourth graduate of the classical gymnasium of Uzhgorod.

“The participants passed the national selection, and in the last two months working day and night — Valentine said Miller, coach of the team. — The competition had two rounds — each had to solve three tasks is given five hours. The maximum you can score is 100 points for the problem. To solve the problem and write the code, it is necessary to know at least one programming language — 99% of the participants used C++”.

“Five hours is just enough time for three objectives, says Daniel smulski e, winner of the gold medal. — It was hard for me to focus and not to worry. Wanted to take ear plugs, however, is not allowed. At the Olympics, strict rules — all sitting in the great hall separately, in front of his laptop. Work in silence, contact is prohibited. If you want to use the toilet, you need to contact the instructor. If someone wanted to take on the competition mascot, it had to give at the preliminary examination”.

Daniel to the tenth grade was not interested in computer science. Intensively studied only in the last two years. “Constantly solved problems, wrote the program codes, the guy said. — I plan to continue to engage in programming, he entered the faculty of Cybernetics of KNU. Shevchenko”.

By the way, for the first time since 2006 the award at the Olympiad in Informatics took the girl — Sophia Miller.

“When I was more interested in math, but then became interested in programming, — says the student of 10th class of the Lyceum “Flight.” The first codes were written in 8 — 9 years. Father, who is our coach, supported my passion, explained, showed. Can now write more complex programs, and in the future I plan to create that will help people in searching or in logistics”.

All winners of the International Olimpiadi in computer science will receive the presidential scholarship — 2950 a month.


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