Ukrainians paid only one-third the penalty for violation of traffic rules

Украинцы оплатили только каждый третий штраф за нарушение ПДД

Particularly reluctant to pay by drunk drivers.

In 2018, the law enforcement authorities have written drivers fines totaling 1.24 billion UAH. Such data are cited by the State statistics service, in a large study committed by Ukrainians of administrative offences.

However, offenders do not hurry to follow orders. Of that amount people paid only about a third of 444 million UAH.

Worst payment discipline of the drivers, who were caught on unlawful use of sound and light signals (flashing lights). Only 6.5% of the issued 155 thousand fines have been paid.

Most penalties prescribed by drunk drivers. The total amount for the year exceeded $ 803 million. That is connected not only with the established adminkodeks high “price” of the offense (the average size of a penalty under this article amounted to 16.9 thousand UAH.) but with the great “popularity” of such offences: during the year the police caught nearly 70 thousand of drunken driving. That’s only here to pay the motorists in no hurry – had repaid only 17% of fines.

The most common violation of traffic rules in Ukraine is driving a vehicle without documents. During the year police identified 255 thousand such drivers and give them fines 114 million UAH. 56% of them were repaid.

Note also that over the past year, inspectors have caught nearly 45 thousand “hares”. The total amount of sanctions to riders has exceeded 35 mln. 95% of them were paid.

Earlier wrote that Ukrainian drivers will not be punished for accidents because of bad roads.