Ukrainians put on the account in February 7 million new cars

Украинцы поставили на учет в феврале 7 тысяч новых автомобилей

By the end of February in Ukraine, it was registered nearly 7 thousand new cars. As a result, in comparison with February of last year the market for new cars grew by 21%, according to Ukrautoprom.

The most popular brand of the month was RENAULT. The first line of the rating took Reno with an index 1223 sold and registered vehicles. Thus, the demand for machines of this brand on the Ukrainian market compared to a year ago increased by almost 68 percent.

On the second place TOYOTA with a score of 1089 car. Your February result, this Japanese brand has increased by almost 52 percent.

Third place Ukrainians gave KIA by purchasing 479 cars of this brand or 20% less than the year before.

SKODA is located at the fourth position with 368 vehicles (+4% Feb. 2019.).

With a nine percent drop rounded out the TOP-5 of February’s ranking of new registrations of new passenger cars – NISSAN, the credit of which 361 registration.

Bestseller of the month once again become the compact crossover TOYOTA RAV4. In February, the model selected 482 of the buyer.