Ukrainians rarely buy unfinished new construction. Money hoarding them for yourself

Украинцы редко покупают недостроенные новостройки. Деньги на них сами копят

Banking mortgages and installments from developers interested in the minority.

The Ukrainians do not rush to invest in new buildings under excavation. As stated in the survey of potential investors portal the DOM.RIA, a third of respondents plan to buy an apartment, only after the object is commissioned.

But for of 23.21% of the respondents does not matter at what stage you make a purchase. At the stage of interior works contract ready to sign of 16.88%, and the initial stage of construction is 13.50%. Even 10,97% willing to invest at the stage of external works.

The average person eyeing the apartment before the purchase about three months. And then rings the sales Department and going to the viewing. According to statistics, before the call to the sales Department, a potential investor for 3 times visits a page of the site buildings.

  • 53,16% of Ukrainians accumulate funds for the purchase of apartments.
  • Of 26.65% plan to sell the old house to buy new.
  • 10,97% ready to take out a Bank loan,
  • 9.22% of – use credit program.

The choice of housing the vast majority (almost 85%) of respondents looking for an apartment. Others interested in private houses, cottages and townhouses.

“A leader in the quest are one-bedroom apartments. This spring odnushki and kopeck piece looking for more widowed people than the spring of 2018. When choosing a Studio apartment people focus on $26 000, and the choice of two – – $39 000”, – said pr Manager at DOM.RIA Eugene Ilchuk.

Despite the fact that the primary market is more concentrated in the capital of Ukraine and the cities, the leaders by the number of calls since the beginning of 2019 began, Kiev, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and Ternopil region.

More than half of Ukrainians (52,45%) are looking for housing both on secondary and primary market. Apartments in new buildings exclusively interested in only 18% of respondents.

Most looking for housing for yourself and family (85%). In second place were those who want to invest and earn (5,73%). And third – those who help with finding housing to your friends (of 5.43%).

The cost per square meter is the basic criterion of the Ukrainians who are choosing a property. Besides price, developers attract buyers by district, type of plan and infrastructure.

It is no secret that a square meter in the building, as a rule, is cheaper than on the secondary market. In addition, you can buy an apartment on the most favorable terms in installments from the Builder.

As told developers, for 5 months of 2019 in the suburbs of Kiev with the help of installment from the developers purchased approximately 60% of all apartments. Managing partner АVM Development Group Vladislav Kononov said that it was so acquired:

  • about 80% of all one-bedroom apartments
  • about 50% two-bedroom apartments.

Installments most often issued for two years. During this time, the house is usually commissioned. Though some types of flats to allow people longer to pay off with builders.

“The duplex apartments in our properties have interest-free installments with the first payment of 30% of the cost for a period of 5 years,” says Kononov.

Украинцы редко покупают недостроенные новостройки. Деньги на них сами копят

Украинцы редко покупают недостроенные новостройки. Деньги на них сами копят