Ukrainians spend on drugs $73 per person per year – study

Украинцы тратят на лекарства $73 на человека в год, - исследование

In Europe, the drug costs significantly higher. In particular, in Estonia, the average is $258, and in Iceland – $764.

The people of Ukraine to 2018 spent on medication an average of $73 per person, while in 2016 this figure amounted to $54. This is stated in the infographic directory Pharmacy Ukraine 2019 prepared by the company Top Lead with the support of the pharmaceutical company Darnitsa, Aequo law firm and chamber of Commerce and industry of Ukraine.

In the Handbook it is noted that in the European countries drug costs are significantly higher than in Ukraine. In Estonia, the average is $258, Portugal – $279, in Sweden – $509, in Norway – $613, Iceland – $764.

The study authors note that 99% of the costs for medicines in the retail segment financing directly to the population of Ukraine. At the same time, Europe, a substantial part of the costs covered by health insurance and government programs. Thus, growth factors of consumption of medicines in Ukraine may become a public financing and development of insurance.

“Consumption growth in the coming years will provide not only growing incomes of Ukrainians. 99% drugs citizens of Ukraine to buy for their own money. At the same time, in the United States and the European Union a large part of the costs for drugs covered by the insurance and government programs of support of health”, – said the head of the Board of Directors Darnitsa group Dmytro shymkiv.

“Ukraine pharmaceuticals could be even more noticeable if the state would have relied on industry with high added value. Meanwhile, there are factors restraining the growth of the industry, in particular, high taxation. The tax burden on the industry five times more than the mining industry, and 18 times more than agriculture,” – said the General Director of the company’s Top Lead Stanislav Noise.