Ukrainians told what to do with the inflated payment system for gas

Украинцам рассказали, что делать с завышенными платежками за газ

Due to the lack of new norms of consumption of gas, the Ukrainians do not have gas meters in January 2019 received three times more bills than in the previous periods.

The gas companies sent out bills with the increased rate of gas consumption after the Supreme court quashed the decision of the Cabinet in 2016. According to the document, since then and up to November per person was provided for just over 3 cubic meters per month. After the cancellation of the existing was the government’s decision from 1996, according to which the rate is determined at the level of more than 9 cubes.

“The main problem is that the energy Ministry, which must approve the new rules, in the summer they are not approved. Today people are faced with a difficult choice: to pay under the old rules to wait for something. Today the situation is such that there are inflated the old rules”, – said the Deputy head of Department for energy efficiency of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Alexey Habacuc.

The Ministry of energy and coal industry said, why still no new norms of gas consumption.

“The Ministry has provided candidates for inclusion in the working group for the elaboration of draft decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on establishment of norms of gas consumption the population in the absence of individual gas meters”, – said the Agency.

In other words, with the end of summer and to this day there is only the working group, whose first meeting should take place only today.

In “Naftogaz” is recommended to complain to the national Commission for regulation of energy and call the government hot line.

“It’s some kind of understanding between the energy Ministry and gas companies” – believe there.

The lawyers also believe that paying the bills is impossible, and after approval of new regulations, the excess must be transferred to the consumer. But to prevent such situations in the future, I suggest just to install the meters.

“Every subscriber has the right to a free meter. For this you need to apply to the gas supplier and, according to the law on citizens, it needs to have a smart meter,” – said the lawyer Lawrence Tsaruk.