Ukrainians urged to write a letter to a political prisoner: how to do it

Украинцев призывают написать письмо политзаключенным: как это сделать

The activists began the traditional winter marathon of letters to the Ukrainian political prisoners who are in Russian prisons.

Activists remind that Ukrainians can send a letter to congratulate the prisoners, Christmas holidays or just to Express words of support. This was reported in the Facebook community activists in support of Oleg Sentsov

Winter holidays in captivity will meet at least 87 Ukrainian citizens behind bars in Russia and the occupied Crimea and not less than 250 citizens of Ukraine in the basement of the occupied Donbass… them a letter with will is a breath of freedom, communication with the outside world and a huge moral support,

– stated in the message.

What rules should be followed to the letter have been “the prison censorship”

  • to write in Russian;
  • to observe political neutrality;
  • indicate on the envelope the date of birth, full name, patronymic and surname of the recipient;
  • to put it in an envelope blank sheets of paper, the Russian stamp (if available) and the envelope if you ever hope to answer.

If the prisoner is in the occupied Donbass, is to enter the address: the Center for civil liberties: 01024 Kyiv, Kopernyka street, 9-g, of. 25.

With detailed instructions and addresses of prisons can be found here.