Ukrainians warned of tick bites: when to call the doctor

Украинцев предупредили об укусах клещей: когда нужно вызывать врача

In Ukraine, was warm and snowless winter. Now I have established warm spring weather. With the onset of heat intensified mites.

Ukrainians should remember that the bite of this insect can be fatal. About it reports the edition “Voice of UA”.

As the doctor says Victoria Savitskaya, the tick bite is unnoticeable, but painful. This makes a small forest of parasites are especially dangerous. In this regard, the Ukrainians should know simple safety rules that will help to reduce the risk of bite and, most importantly, to understand what to do when a bite could not be avoided. It becomes relevant on the background of the control of infection of the coronavirus.

According to the doctor, each tick potentially dangerous. An insect bite is a lottery. The fact that these forest parasites carry many diseases and infections.

In Ukraine, as stressed by Savitskaya, fortunately, ticks are much smaller than in other countries. This facilitates diagnosis and allows faster response to the bite. The most common disease bark can infect a tick is Lyme borreliosis.

Therefore, if you find redness or severe itching after a visit to forested areas, you need to contact the experts.

As the doctor says, Lyme disease is treated quite simply, but only on the condition that she diagnosed. Diagnosis is possible only in the conditions of clinics and the availability of special equipment. To self-medicate is not worth it.

According to experts, the highest activity of ticks is recorded in April-may and August-September. However, the probability of a sting there is in other months.

Therefore, visiting parks and especially forests, be careful.