Ukrainians will be able to be treated in clinical institutes for free

Украинцы смогут лечиться в клинических институтах бесплатно

The decision to change the funding of tertiary medical care was taken by the government.

The following year, the Ukrainians will be available free of tertiary treatment in the clinical institutions of the National Academy of medical Sciences (NAMS).

The corresponding resolution on the change of financing tertiary care adopted at its meeting of 27 December, the Cabinet.

The document improving the mechanism of realization of the pilot project on changing the mechanism of financial provision of medical care in private research institutions of NAMS – the National Institute of surgery and Transplantology named by A. A. Shalimov; Institute of neurosurgery named after academician A. P. Romodanov; National Institute of cardiovascular surgery named after N. M. Amos; National scientific center Institute of cardiology named after academician N. D. Strazheska.

The resolution “Some issues of providing tertiary (highly specialized) medical care to participants of the pilot project” claims an advanced range of highly specialized services that are provided to patients free of charge at the expense of the state budget, and creates a system ensuring availability, timeliness, and quality of tertiary medical care.

To implement this pilot project in the state budget 2020 provides 706,4 million.