Ukrainians will be able to see a meteor shower: where and when

Украинцы смогут увидеть метеоритный дождь: где и когда

Every year fans of the sky are looking forward to August to enjoy one of the biggest meteor showers – the meteor shower the Perseids. It’s a spectacle each time attracts more viewers, which then also waiting for this event.

This meteor shower is the most famous because of the number of falling stars – this will not see. This tells the Tech Informant, referring to

This year, the most expected zvezdopada night from 12 to 13 August. But it also could take place and before dawn on 11 or 12 August. The period of the meteor shower began on July 15 and end August 17, so there is still time to have a romantic date night under the stars. In order to see the beauty of a meteor shower, choose a place as open as possible, without lights and houses. Be sure to bring a blanket and a hot drink even though it was summer, the nights are still cool. It’s necessary to observe at least an hour in order to have something to see. But this year there are feature – possible night high in the sky will be Moon – bright source of light. This is a significant hindrance to enjoy the phenomenon, because many of the meteors are not too bright, so to see them in the light of the moon from the sky difficult. Also at this time will be a meteor shower Delta Aquarids and therefore, it is likely to see shooting stars from this thread.

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