Ukrainians will be left without cash: how and when will financial revolution

Украинцев оставят без налички: как и когда состоится финансовая революция

Ukraine together with other countries has already started to phase out cash, on change which will come the progressive methods of financial calculations

The national Bank intends to 2020 to increase the share of cashless payments to 55%. Looking at it now, many countries who believe that cash pay “grey” salaries, bribes, buying drugs, and so on.

By 2020, the NBU has set a target to reduce the amount of cash by almost two times.

In addition, many States have recognized the issue of banknotes of small denominations at a loss. In Ukraine, the recently introduced coins are in denominations of 2, 5 and 10 UAH, which indicates the intention to gradually abandon paper money.

In Ukraine quite actively developing financial technologies. Experts Unit.City called our country one of the European leaders in this direction.

Now major banks are offering customers to use mobile applications to purchase. Several domestic banks began to work with the Android system Pay.

According to experts, the Ukrainians should prepare for the fact that in the future they will not be able to shop in supermarkets for cash. It will completely replace the Bank card and mobile applications.

Under the most courageous forecasts, Bank cards will eventually also cease to be relevant, and all purchases can be paid using a mobile phone.

By the way, the weekend could be more: revolution in the labour market. The working week should be reduced to 4 days. This was stated by experts at the world economic forum in Davos. In their opinion, such innovation will allow to improve the productivity of the employees.

It is important to note that the experts are confident that by reducing stress on the man, he begins to work more efficiently. Such a practice never before performed.

It should be noted that Ukrainian experts believe this plan is not offered in our country. At least for now. But, in fairness, some of the specialty really can afford it.

Ordinary citizens are also quite skeptical that is the conclusion of experts, which was announced in Davos. Most of all, ordinary Ukrainians worried about their own salary, because it is, in most cases, depending on the number of hours worked.

Украинцев оставят без налички: как и когда состоится финансовая революция

Украинцев оставят без налички: как и когда состоится финансовая революция