Ukrainians will change the results of the grants: innovation in March

Украинцам изменят выдачу субсидий: нововведение уже в марте

The Cabinet announced, when will issue grants to “real money”

Rules are different for people of retirement age and workers of the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainians will be able to purchase the first “live” funds according to the project of monetization of subsidies on March 12. About this stated the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

We are talking about those subsidence, which does not acquire a pension.

“Citizens under retirement age from 12 March will become the main subsidy currency by converting… this should apply to any branch of the savings Bank with the passport and identification code”, – explained in the Cabinet.

Also absolutely everyone subsidianes send to the address of residence of explanations relatively the amount of subsidies.

Seniors will acquire a monetised subsidy together with the pension from 4 to 15 March. The resources will arrive in a pension card, issued by cash in mail or using the address of delivery by postman.

The government has set a decision to punish debtors for communal confiscation of property

In Ukraine, operates the newest principle, according to which, in the presence of arrears under the Board of housing and communal services in the amount of more than 20 of the smallest salaries (80 thousand) will be take home. To not lose acquired, you should understand certain aspects.

Housing can take only if a single volume of debt is more than 80 thousand hryvnia.

The government does not intend to deprive people of a roof over your head, for this reason, if the person has one living space, primarily in General will choose other property. Only in rare situations have a chance to charge home.

A statement to the court about the big debts under the communal delivers the provider of public services. The debtor has the opportunity to challenge the court’s decision. You first need to control was observed without exception conditions has a corresponding assessment of housing.

Note that during a period of public sales price of the property, have all chances to understate by half, however, the debtor must return the excess money after the closure of the debt.

If the apartment registered minors, the property no one can take away.

Recall that in December last year, the population debt for the consumed housing services increased by 17.1%, or 7 381.3 million USD to 50 billion 756,8 million hryvnia in comparison with November.

Украинцам изменят выдачу субсидий: нововведение уже в марте

Украинцам изменят выдачу субсидий: нововведение уже в марте