Ukrainians will completely recalculate payments: how to change the subsidies from 1 July

Украинцам полностью пересчитают выплаты: как изменятся субсидии с 1 июля

Ukrainians announced new grants, which will operate in Ukraine from July 1

In Ukraine from July 1, the living wage will increase from 1856 to 1963 UAH. It is considered when calculating the size of subsidies. If the family income does not change, with the growth of the PM will increase and the amount of aid from the state to pay for communal.

This is stated in the material Browser.

The average monthly income per family member is divided into two living wage, multiplied by 15% and total family income. The resulting amount is a mandatory payment for communal, and the rest will be covered by the subsidy.

There is a General cost of living index (it, for example, are used when calculating tax credits or subsidies), and there are figures for specific age categories. This is due to the fact that the PM consider the cost of the consumer basket. And, of course, in a basket from a 6-year-old child will a different set of goods and services than the 65-year-old Ukrainian. That makes the difference.

And take into account the size of the PM, which was as of the end of the period, which consider the income. For example, while the living wage is UAH 1856 (acting at the moment) and the total income of the three people in 10 thousand UAH for communal self pay 1346 UAH, and the rest will be covered by subsidy. The same family with the same income but with the cost of living in 1963 UAH (effective July 1) must pay UAH 1273.

Also earlier it was reported that the monetization of subsidies led to a shaft of the complaints from their recipients to the Department of social protection. However, 13% of assessed grants citizens have not received. And, as it turned out, the problem is that people are unable to receive funds in cash.

Denied social assistance for different reasons. The most common problem – the discrepancy between the actual data of recipients and sent to the savings Bank from the departments of social protection (the problems can be in the case if the recipient of my passport).

Also people are writing that their assistance is mistakenly transferred to the Pension Fund and not to Sberbank (although pensioners they may not be). There are those who are not able to enroll in the electronic part of the Bank via the website or come to the office for the money. Not all pensioners postmen brought the money for the subsidy together with pensions.

Украинцам полностью пересчитают выплаты: как изменятся субсидии с 1 июля

Украинцам полностью пересчитают выплаты: как изменятся субсидии с 1 июля