Ukrainians will cut social assistance: they say its “too much”

Украинцам порежут соцпомощь: говорят, ее "чересчур много"

The Ukrainian government intends to revise the procedure for calculation of existing social benefits. Details already known to the media.

Recently it became known that in Ukraine can eliminate the payment of certain social benefits.

According to the source, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to cut the list of social benefits for the reason that a lot of them.

This information was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Finance Roman Ermolaev.

During the interview, the politician said that in Ukraine there are so many social benefits. Namely, one hundred billion hryvnia goes to social benefits. Such waste from the state budget, he believes completely ineffective.

“Now in Ukraine a lot of extra social welfare payments. Have payments for 5 or 7 UAH, adopted in the 90s. the Ministry of social policy of the country is working to a common social assistance, not just to distribute the money, and that this assistance benefited,” said Roman Ermoliev during a recent interview.

As you know, now the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine is working to establish a uniform procedure for calculating the average total family income.

It is necessary for the calculation of all types of state social assistance and housing subsidies.

Also, the above bodies are unifying principles of assistance and the definition of family composition for all types of assistance.

Roman Ermolaev believes that our country needs to pay special attention to health services and education.

So, provided the funds for these networks must take into account the number of students in the class, and working people in hospitals and people who are in these hospitals are maintained.

Through this account you can save a lot of funds in these institutions. And then, to redirect saved funds for other important needs.

The politician emphasized that this idea is possible to implement already by 2022-2023 or mu-th year.

It is important to note that a politician said about the increase of pensions for this year. According to Roman Ermolieva, a significant increase to social security payments this year should be expected.

“Already held the indexation of pensions in connection with increase of living wage. from July 1 added 74 UAH and from December – 57 UAH. Yes, the amounts are small, but they are defined by the legislation on the basis of accurate budget calculations.”, – summed up the politician.

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