Ukrainians will have to pay the new tax: “exceeds 375 times the minimum wage”

Украинцам придется заплатить новый налог: «превышает 375 минимальных зарплат»

In Ukraine rewrote the transport tax became known, who will have to pay a large sum

As you know, the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine has published the latest list of luxury cars and their owners in 2019 must pay to the Treasury 25 thousand UAH. tax.

So, this year, officials included in the list of 299 brands and models.

The law requires car owners to pay tax on vehicles whose value exceeds 375 times the minimum wage. This year, it is equivalent to 1,565 million UAH. in the past year – the threshold was set at the level of 1,396 mln.

As a result of updates to the payment of the transport tax is not relevant for the owners of such great brands like the BMW X4 and X3, and Audi Q5. Also from the list of ruled out the Ford Edge and other cars. From the list also disappeared without exception, all models of Tesla. But the new Model S 2017 year of production is sold in Ukraine at a price of over 3 million. and that’s twice the statutory threshold.

“Rookie luxurious list” was the i electric car Jaguar-Pace them in the past year, the Ukrainians acquired 13 units.

We also recall, we reported that the tranches from the International monetary Fund (IMF) under the current credit program (EFF) Ukraine will not receive. To such conclusion the experts interviewed.

“Unlikely to be any more tranches under the current program. As far as I know, the differences between Ukraine and the IMF have not yet withdrawn to the end. Ukraine is too detained with them (the conditions of the program. – Ed.) implementation”, – said the doctor of economic Sciences Oleg Yaremenko.

Leading researcher of the Institute of Economics and forecasting of NASU Jaroslav Zhalilo also believes that the current lending program can be considered completed.

Украинцам придется заплатить новый налог: «превышает 375 минимальных зарплат»

Украинцам придется заплатить новый налог: «превышает 375 минимальных зарплат»