Ukrainians will pay for gas at the new rates: how much will the cube

Украинцы заплатят за газ по новым тарифам: сколько будет стоить куб

Ukrainians in January will be paid for each cubic meters of gas by about 70 kopeks more. “Naftogaz” counted the price of natural gas for the winter and has already managed to sound rate.

Despite Zelensky meeting with Putin to negotiate a new transit contract in 2020 and failed. And because of this without natural gas risk remain city in the South of Ukraine.

Read more about how many Ukrainians will pay next year and what to expect from the Putin discount, read the material OBOZREVATEL.

Putin, Zelensky and gas agreed to negotiate

The gas issue is still not resolved, although Vladimir Zelensky, the head of the Kremlin praised the possible signing of a new contract. In expert circles before the meeting also noted with the discussion of transit should not be. But a clear time limit, when you sign a contract and understanding do it at all, no.

The question:

From January 1 to the contract for the transit of Russian gas across the Ukrainian territory ends;

we need a new contract, because the obtained from the transit of money – more than 3% of our GDP;

without a new contract for transit, we may not be enough gas to ensure some areas (particularly the South);

Russia needs a new contract, because “Nord stream-2” is not completed without us they will not be able to deliver the blue fuel in EU.

Vladimir Putin, answering the question about the prospects of signing a new contract, have quoted the nursery rhyme, and after repeated already well-known message about the discount of 25%. Interestingly, for the first time about “a quarter cheaper,” the Russian government said during a meeting with opposition politicians Yuriy Boyko and Viktor Medvedchuk. Those without any official sanctions from the authorities for some reason went to negotiate in Moscow.

The price of gas since changed, but Putin still promises a 25% discount under certain conditions. However, this time he correctly said that we are talking about the discount based on price for industrial consumers.

Supposedly, the cost of gas for the population dates back to the (partly covered), so economically it is more correct to start from the market price. This proposal has already been repeatedly answered in the “Naftogaz”. It explained: if you take the European price and subtract from it the cost of transport (so as to deliver the EU more expensive than in neighbouring Russia, the Ukraine), we get the same 25% discount.

Experts agree that Putin is interested to sign a contract. They say that the pipeline “Nord stream-2” is launched, he will have to use the Ukrainian GTS. But if earlier Russia proposed to sign a contract for just one year, according to Zelensky, he was able to negotiate a larger time frame. “And here I see that not to mention the one year contract. All removed it from the discussion. That is, for a number of years. I insisted for 10 years…” – said the President.

An expert on international Affairs Andrei Karakuz notes: start “Northern stream-2” blocks the US, so Russia is important to Zelensky came to the signing of the new document.

“Now the transit of gas through the “Turkish stream” or “North stream-2″ is actually blocked from the United States, that is, for Putin it is important that Zelensky agreed to some kind of direct contract, which would allow Russia time to be the main supplier of gas to the European market”, – says Andrey Karakuz.

How much to pay Ukrainians

In “Naftogaz” has calculated that a cubic meter without VAT and transportation will cost 5,5 UAH for the entire heating season. According to OBOZREVATEL, the average Ukrainians cubic meter will cost 7.6 UAH. Earlier, Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk voiced a figure of about 8 UAH. But it is important to note that different regions will have different price.

The reason for the delivery, for example, to Kiev and to Odessa to spend different amounts. Therefore, the final cost of the cube will be different.

That is the blue fuel (if compared to December 2018 to December 2019) for the 12 months on the open market fell by 49.5%, and the Ukrainians offer a tariff, which is 15% higher than before the heating season, and only 7% lower than last heating season. In fact, we can draw three short conclusions:

The Cabinet adopted a decision to increase gas tariff by 15%;

on the open market gas prices have fallen over the year by 49.5 percent, but the Ukrainians won’t feel;

the assertion that gas prices have fallen – a great exaggeration.

It is worth considering that most will feel the appreciation of those who heated houses and apartments of blue fuel. For them, the amount of the payment will be significant. For example, according to the current rate of 500 cubic meters of gas (this is the economical consumption can last for a few months) will cost 3,5 thousand UAH, and under the new tariff in the winter of 3.85 thousand.

And although Cabinet to talk about new ways to reduce the tariffs for communal and on an exceptional rate of gas, in fact, in winter, the Ukrainians will have to pay more. This situation is repeated from year to year. Growing consumption of natural gas, thus increasing the cost of energy.

And even if Zelensky will not allow “gas war” and will be able to negotiate with Putin promised a 25% discount to the ordinary consumers do not feel on itself.