Ukrainians won 8 medals at the world championship Thai Boxing – 24 Channel

Українці здобули 8 медалей на чемпіонаті світу з тайського боксу - 24 Канал

In Bangkok (Thailand) team of Ukraine on Thai Boxing sports school Muay Thai concluded at the world championship among juniors. Ukraine was represented by 17 athletes.

The result was the team of modifications with 8 medals: 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze. This is the website of the Sports Committee of Ukraine.

World Champions among juniors of steel: Philip Bachinsky (V. K. 54 kg), Vladislav Eremenko (V. K. 71 kg) and Skurikhin Egor (V. 81 kg). Silver was won by Ksenia Radova (V. K. 54 kg), Bells Michael (V. K. 40 kg), Vladislav Opara (V. K. 57 kg) and Shamil Mustafayev (V. K. 67 kg). Bronze Darya Savchenko (W. K. 48 kg). In the battle for a spot in the final Ukrainian is not mastered, the athlete from America and lost Mal Garaz.

So the title of world champion Philip Bachinsky received Feruza Davlatova from Uzbekistan, Vladislav Eremenko took victory at the Portuguese Fireplace of Nautica, and Egor Skurikhin overcame Lebanese Khalid Orchestra.

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