Ukrainka shocked priests for repair of roads: the rampant twerk against the pits on the roads. VIDEO

Украинки потрясли попами ради ремонта дорог: безудержный тверк против ям на дорогах. ВИДЕО

A resident of Nikopol Yulia Belaysha with friends danced twerk on the street of Ivan Bohun. So the girls decided to draw the attention of the authorities to the problem of bad roads in the city.

Corresponding hot video appeared on the YouTube channel girls, writes Know.

“I wonder when in our beloved Ukraine will be the normal way?”, asking a question under the video, the author of the dance.

This was not the first dance with girls in public places. Previously, they danced in the square of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, in the alley where broken irrigation system, and in the pit of the unfinished pool.

In June with the dance, the girls attracted the attention of the authorities to the problem of the broken watering system, where plants turned yellow. The event was a success and communal services arrived to water the trees in the Park.