“Ukrenergo” began to repair power lines without disconnection of the networks

"Укрэнерго" начало ремонтировать линии электропередач без отключения сетей

“NEK “Ukrenergo” has mastered the modern technology of repair of main power transmission lines of 330 kV, which allows you to repair them without stopping the networks from the strain. This technology will ensure smooth operation of transmission lines and to maintain a high level of reliability of power flows in integrated power system of Ukraine.

Reports “Glavpost” with reference to Еlektrovesti.

This technology will be useful for lines that can’t be removed for a long time. In the power system have the intersection, which are very loaded and very critical, disabling them may lead to a significant reduction in supply. This greatly limits their service, at the same time, these lines require repairs, – commented the head of the company.

For working in the company also acquired special suits that protect workers from shock, based on the technology of “Faraday cage”. In the fabric of this suit is woven of a special metallic thread with high conductivity.

When the rigger is required to touch the wire or is in a zone of high electromagnetic fields created by the charge quickly flows down along the external contour mesh-suit and does not affect the human body.