“Ukrenergo” maximum restricted imports e/energy

«Укрэнерго» максимально ограничила импорт э/энергии

NEK “Ukrenergo” on the background of low demand for electricity in the United energy system of Ukraine as limits the ability to import the resource, said the head of company Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

“In the United energy system we have continued situation of reduced demand and because of the weather, and because of the low level of industrial production. Therefore, we are limited opportunities for importers by making adjustments to the graphics. Night watch – all the zeros in the daylight hours there is little volume of imports,” he said at a meeting of the national energy regulator.

The head of “Ukrenergo” also added that given the current situation until the end of December is difficult to predict the probability of a return of large volumes of import of electrical energy in ECO.

“Until the end of December is very hard to predict whether significant amounts of imports that we saw in the first half of October,” – said Kovalchuk.

Import from Belarus after the termination of the December 2, resumed in small volumes on 7 December. In the last two days he is 350 MW, excluding the period from midnight to 8 am, when it is equal to zero. Imports from Russia this December 5, is still absent.