“Ukrsadvinprom” requests the relevant Minister to expand the list of wine regions

"Укрсадвинпром" просит профильного министра расширить перечень винодельческих областей

OO “Ukrsadvinprom” requests the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine to adapt the program of state support of horticulture with berry enterprises, and to expand the list of wine regions.

The participants of “Ukrsadvinprom” reported on a press-conferences in Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Friday.

“The markets of UAE and Singapore perceive the berry is only in a small box – 125 g to Manually prepare large quantities of berries of 125 g impossible. Therefore, the desired line optical sorting, and packing blueberries. And it would be good to berries to be able to claim compensation for the purchase of screening lines (as well as Apple company – Interfax)”, – said General Director of the enterprise “the Ukrainian berry” Taras Bastanak.

According to him, berry enterprises also need cameras with a regulated gas environment (RGS), which allow you to store berries without loss of quality for up to 45 days. So producers will be able to sell the berries after the harvest season when the price will be cheaper. Now the volume of refrigerators with the CSG, which includes the program of state support, too big for berry plants.

So Bastanak also noted that when exports to distant markets berry enterprises are faced with logistic difficulties.

“Kiev does not fly cargo planes in the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. The maximum size of the pallet is 80 cm, For a week in the Emirates as much as possible to export 7 tons of blueberries, and this is without the temperature, so the strawberries and raspberries even the question. The Singapore – there are even direct flights there,” he said.

In addition, according to the participants “Ukrsadvinprom”, you should expand the list of wine-producing regions of Ukraine in which businesses can obtain compensation for seedlings of grapes. In particular, the Association proposes to add to the list the Western region, where the climate and the acidity of the soil create good conditions for the production of white wines. It is also proposed to expand the list of grapes included in the compensation program.

Enterprise “Ukrainian berry” grows blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries on an area of 100 hectares In 2018 carried out a trial supply of blueberries in Singapore and is developing exports to Dubai.

“Ukrsadvinprom” was created in March of 2016 for the Association of market participants and providing practical assistance in solving problems of farmers that operate in the field of viticulture and winemaking, and horticulture, including berries farming and nut cultivation.

Currently, the Association includes nearly 200 Ukrainian enterprises. The main activities is lobbying the interests of enterprises in state bodies of Executive power, expansion of geography of export, the formation of consignments, legal support of economic activities, consultation on the registration of state support, development of technological instructions and technical conditions necessary for the production of wine, cider, drinks, fruit and other wine products.

"Укрсадвинпром" просит профильного министра расширить перечень винодельческих областей

"Укрсадвинпром" просит профильного министра расширить перечень винодельческих областей