Ukrzaliznytsia restores the movement of trains in 10 regions

Укрзализныця восстанавливает движение электричек в 10 областях

Uz 1 Jun 214 resumes the movement of commuter trains in 10 areas that made the decision about the weakening of the quarantine.

Source: Facebook page of the Chairman of the Board of Railways Ivan Eureka

The direct speech of Eureka: “Ukrzaliznytsya on June 1, will begin the first phase of restoration of plying suburban trains.

We are socially responsible company and understand the importance of the restoration of the commuter. Today ULTRASOUND has received permission to run in 10 regions. Next week will restore your routes 214 train.”

Details: the BONDS have received a decision about the weakening of quarantine from 1 June to 10 areas where, respectively, will restore the movement of trains.

We are talking about such areas:

  • Kharkiv,
  • Poltava,
  • Luhansk,
  • Donetsk,
  • Ternopil,
  • Ivano-Frankivsk,
  • Odessa,
  • Cherkasy,
  • St,
  • Khmelnytsky.

Yurik added that the list of suburban trains, which will restore the movement from 1 June, will soon appear on the official websites of the regional branches.

What preceded it:

  • “Ukrzaliznytsya” has opened sale of tickets for 3 trains: No. 782/781 message Kyiv – Cherkassy, No. 786 / 785 Kiev – Shostka and No. 790 / 789 Kiev Kropivnitskogo, in General, is already open selling tickets for 29 trains.
  • After the restoration of railway traffic on Ukrainian trains the conductors will not be offering drinks and pastries, but must hourly to clean toilets and floors in the cabin of the car.
  • From June 1, Ukrainian Railways will be selling tickets 90 days before the date of departure, and not 45 or 60 days, as it was before.

Укрзализныця восстанавливает движение электричек в 10 областях