Ukrzaliznytsia takes E-student mobile app Diya

Укрзализныця принимает Е-студенческий с мобильного приложения Дия

Укрзализныця принимает Е-студенческий с мобильного приложения Дия

Now Ukrainian students will be able to use the digital student’s card from the app Diya while boarding the train. A digital document will fully replace the plastic original, in addition it also allows you to travel by train with 50% discount.

Ukrzaliznytsia notes that the digital student has the same advantages as the plastic original: identificeret face, proves your student status and offers discounts. A reduced fare is offered to students of UNIVERSITIES I-IV accreditation levels and students of vocational educational institutions.

That allows you to make E-student

Travel discounts With E-student can be in:

  • the General and couchette cars,
  • carriages of 2-3 class of all categories intercity,
  • all the cars of regional trains
  • the commuter trains.

However, when you travel in cars of higher category of type SV, coupes and wagons of the 1st class, except for trains of category “Regional train”, for students of the full cost of the ticket.

E-student available in the service of Diya. The application can be downloaded here. If you have already installed this app on your smartphone, you only need to update it.

Other documents that takes uz

In General, Ukrzaliznytsia is already taking four digital document in Diya: ID card, biometric foreign passport, driver’s license and student ID.

What is Diya?

This is a project of the Ministry of digital transformation is to translate the global idea of “the state of the smartphone”. The service involved a number of public services. In the long term, India needs to integrate all public services on one platform. Before the end of 2020, are planning to digitize the 50 most popular government services.

Now the app works Diya, and also recently launched the portal. All the services that offers this project, you can read
according to the link.

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