Ukrzaliznytsia will create over 55 new railway stations for the carriage of grain

"Укрзализныця" создаст более 55 новых ЖД-станций для перевозки зерна

The management of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” said representatives of business, how are you going to organize the transportation of grain cargoes, according to CTS.

According to the publication, August 2 in the office of JSC “uz” was held a meeting of managers BONDS, representatives of business associations and large shippers engaged in transportation of grain. The main topic of discussion was the improvement of planning processes and shipment of grain cargoes by railway.

So, the OUSE presented a number of initiatives to improve the transportation of grain.

The most important Telegram

As told the head of Council at NGO “Center of development of logistics” Valery Tkachev, UZ expands the list of route railway stations to 140 units. To the existing 83 rail stations will add 55-57 W/d stations that have previously been agreed to by shippers in the regional branches of the OUSE. When the harmonization took into account the physical capabilities of the railway infrastructure. Full list of route grain railway stations will be published on ULTRASOUND within three days, promised in a state-owned company.

“List of railway stations may be added. For this purpose the Council may apply to DH for reconsideration. In this process, will be established a permanent working group to review the list of Shuttle elevators, – said Tkachev.

“Ukrzaliznytsya” has improved its international rating

He noted that all route railway station will be divided into 2-3 groups according to the capacity and the daily rate of shipment. For example, railway stations of the first group can form a route for 1 day; W/d station of the second and third groups capable of forming a routing ships within 2-3 days.

Depending on the group route railway station will be restricted from scheduling the shipment.

“For example, the first group of railway stations has the ability to schedule 15-20 routes during the month. The second and third groups will be limited to 10 routes during the month,” – said Tkachev.

At the same time, the user UZ has officially confirmed the minimum rate of cars for the route is sent – it is not less than 44 cars.

“ULTRASOUND has presented a new form of sending grain – graficului sending and the annular carriage. Rafikova send implies that the sending is carried out direct routes on a specific time schedule. As the annular transport means of the empty and loaded wagons followed only in part of the routes on schedule. Provided mutual responsibility for this type of submission (permitted deviation from the schedule – no more than 4 hours). Planning horizon data Rafikovich shipments ranging from 1 month to 1 year. The cost of the schedule sending 20% more of the current railway tariff (transportation on special conditions). The mechanism of these shipments was tested with kernel shipments at the “SLTs”. ULTRASOUND is going to build up this kind of grain shipments by rail,” – said Tkachev.

UZ plans daily to generate approximately 15 fixed-route shipments from private cars. In the distribution of cars of UZ the first priority will be given by grafikom shipments (but not more than 10 routes per day). Approximately 5 routes are planned to be sold at auction ProZorro. In this case, steps will be taken to avoid overlap of schedules of shipment. Wagon dispatch and teams/staggered routes do not plan to exercise in the car of UZ (only direct routes).

“Ukrzaliznytsya” has improved its international rating

“Manual ULTRASONIC listened to the suggestions of market participants and revised the order of usage of rail TIES in freight operations. Term fees are charged, for carrying the following cargo operations extended from 48 to 72 hours. Next, UZ plans to gradually reduce this period for 1-2 years up to 36 hours. The adjusted order will be presented to the public on August 6-7 2019,” – said the official.

He added that the BONDS will distribute a limited number of route shipments to 15 routes a day between route 140 elevators.