ULTRASOUND reduces the profitability of grain production in Ukraine, – the head of the grain Association

УЗ понижает рентабельность производства зерновых в Украине, - глава зерновой ассоциации

Inefficient operations in “Railways” reduces the profitability of grain production in Ukraine. The need to find other ways of logistics is costly to farmers. This opinion in comments to the observer expressed by Nikolai Gorbachev, President of the Ukrainian grain Association.

According to Gorbachev, this year farmers will face a significant problem when vyvazenie harvested – especially in the South of the country.

“The crop we are expecting higher than last year. And export, respectively, will be higher by 2-2. 5 million tons compared to last year. So the logistical problem will remain,” – said Gorbachev.

He is convinced that despite the gloomy forecasts of some experts, will be able to take out the entire crop.

“That we will not be able to take out the grain – I do not believe. Sure: take out everything. Just as I am sure that we will live in constant traffic jams. If there was some peak load in, say, November-December, but now it will be fully a year in the peak and in the peak”, – predicts Gorbachev.

According to the President of UGA, in the extreme case, farmers will have to replace the railway transport.

“If the railway ceases to cope-we’re taking the car. This will affect only the transport component that pays the farmer. Ineffective “uz” provoke a decrease in profitability of grain production in Ukraine”, – said Gorbachev.

The main problem of the monopolist in the market of railway transportation, he said not a shortage of wagons and shortage of locomotives.

“Grain cars already in two times more than it was three years ago. But exports are still two times increased. There is a problem with locomotive traction. Cars are abandoned, waiting for them to come to the locomotive. If we increase the number of cars that can reach that they will stand thrown from the Elevator to the port,” – says Gorbachev.

“We do not have enough locomotives. That finite resource that have TIES, it will trip on route dispatch. If they got enough locomotives, they could everywhere apply. This operation is still profitable. More profitable, of course, on route to feeding. But it’s still profitable if feeding and not by Shuttle elevators. They just have nothing to submit. So I am sure that will take out everything. But the problems are much more serious than last year,” concluded Gorbachev.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in the southern regions of Ukraine in near future there will be transport collapse from-for expected peak loads on deepwater ports of the Black sea and the infrastructure of the Odessa railroad in connection with seasonal growth of grain transportation and construction (crushed stone) of goods, exports and transit of iron ore raw materials, as well as increased seaborne shipments of coal for energy and metallurgy in Ukraine. Experts urge authorities to take measures to prevent traffic jams, in particular, to give priority to the transportation of Ukrainian goods.