UN peacekeepers in the Donbass, and “Nord stream-2”: what Merkel discussed at the meeting with Putin

Миротворці ООН на Донбасі й "Північний потік-2": що обговорила Меркель на зустрічі з Путіним

In Berlin, meanwhile, clashes broke out between right-wing radicals and their opponents

The situation in Ukraine was one of the key topics of the meeting of Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin. The leaders of Germany and Russia met yesterday, August 18, negotiations took place in the residence for the guests of honor in the suburbs of Berlin. About this reports “5 channel”.

The German Chancellor and the Russian President spoke behind closed doors for a long time talking privately. Following the talks, the press is not communicated. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin called the discussion “substantial”, however, details were not disclosed.

On the agenda of officials was the resolution of the conflict in the Donbas and the introduction of UN peacekeepers. We also discussed the situation in Syria, the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” and the Iranian nuclear program. Statements, including Angela Merkel sounded just before the start of negotiations.

“The introduction of a UN peacekeeping mission is a key factor in preparing for the world. Germany has the willingness to accept responsibility within the “Normandy format”. In respect of Ukraine in the transit of gas. I think that even though the “Nord stream-2″, Ukraine should play an important role in supplying gas to Europe. And I am happy that we are able to start negotiations between Russia, Europe and Ukraine”, – said Merkel.

Meanwhile in Berlin there were clashes between right-wing radicals and their opponents. Wounded one policeman. Neo-Nazis gathered in the center of the German capital to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the suicide of the last head of the Third Reich Rudolf Hess. Dressed in red and white colors, kept in the hands of the flags of Nazi Germany. In contrast, they left about 5 hundred people under anti-Nazi slogans. To satisfy the participants tried more than 2 thousand militiamen.