UN representative: “Migration will help Europe”

Представитель ООН: "Миграция поможет Европе"

Today, there are 258 million migrants. And their number is only growing. The UN is preparing the first international agreement on the General approach to this problem. The special representative of the UN Secretary General on international migration, Louise arbour, says:

“Europe is now even more than in previous years, is interested in opening legit ways for its labor market. It becomes quite clear that in the coming years in different European countries to different degrees, but still is a serious shortage of human resources”

Louise arbour emphasized the contribution of migrant workers to the economy as home country and the host:

“The idea of who are migrants, I think, not quite true. They contribute. They earn less than local workers, unfortunately, but it is quite predictable. 85% of income they spend in the host country, and 15% are sent home. And the 15% in 2017 amounted to $ 600 billion. This is three times more than all official aid that rich countries send to the developing world”.

The UN representative also warned that the forced migration is clearly linked to climate change. This confirms the intergovernmental group of experts. According to Louise arbour, the time goes by, you need to take action.

“The problem of climate change. We approached it very close or not? Scientists, fortunately, tell us that we must not give up. It’s not late, but late enough. I think we need to mobilize all resources. This will have a great impact on migration too. And the process must start now”.

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