Unable to get pregnant Indian woman was a man

Неспособная забеременеть индианка оказалась мужчиной

Physicians admitted the 30-year-old resident of India who could not get pregnant, a man, writes Press Trust of India.

From a resident of Calcutta was the biological signs of female. She was married nine years, but to conceive it and could not.

The doctors to whom she turned for help, found that she had undeveloped ovaries, which found a cancerous tumor. In addition, during the inspection it turned out that she had male sex chromosomes – XY.

“Her voice, well-developed Breasts, external genitals – all this indicates that it is a woman,” said the oncologist Anupam Dutta.

He noted that it is very rare. It turned out that two relatives of a resident of India on the mother’s side also suffered from the same condition. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy.