Unconventional hangout: Igor Kondratyuk commented on Eurovision-2019

Нетрадиционная тусовка: Игорь Кондратюк прокомментировал Евровидение-2019

May 18, rocked the final of the international Eurovision song contest-2019, a victory which was won by Dutchman Duncan Lawrence, second place was won by the Italian Mahmood “men’s confessions” Soldi, and third Russian Sergey Lazarev. Ukrainian producer and presenter Igor Kondratyuk decided to comment on the performances of the singers.

About this Kondratyuk said in an interview with “FACTS.” Ukrainian producer admitted that for him, the Eurovision song contest in 2018 in Portugal came more interesting competition this year.

Igor Kondratyuk believes that last year the jury of Eurovision overestimated representatives from Sweden and underestimated the Ukrainian Melovin. He added that in 2019 Sweden got the highest score from the jury, what looks like “a tribute to the organizers who are mostly Swedes”.

“The Dutch took second place in the opinion of the audience and the third – according to the jury. In sum, it gave him the first place. Sweden had two more points from the jury. This year they again put the Swede in the first place. It is a bit like a tribute to the organizers, who are mostly Swedes. But, in my opinion, the assessment does not match the level of the song. During the Eurovision song contest held in Kiev, the Swedish song was much more interesting,” said the presenter.

According to Igor Kondratyuk, the actual song Soldi artist from Italy Mahmood, however, the “strange statement”.

Italian in General is unique – he took fourth place in viewers and the jury, and the sum of the scores on the second. The song party hit, but the production is very strange. Some cheap. Guys, he danced probably wouldn’t even audition for any Ukrainian dance ballet. But musically, definitely, the melody sits in my head,
he added.

Mahmood – Soldi: watch the performance at the Eurovision song contest-2019

Kondratyuk admitted that the performance of the Frenchman androgynous Bilal Hassani Roi with a song he didn’t like.

“It seemed to me that the current ending was the most LGBT-shnym for all the time I watched the competition. When the end of the Grand final on the stage was Conchita Wurst, I had a feeling that this is too much. The situation was compounded by the speech of the Icelanders. In General, is a non-traditional party. As for the Frenchman – he did not like. I have his speech evaluated as “sho came,” – said the Ukrainian producer.

Bilal Hassani – Roi: see remarks

Also Igor Kondratyuk sharply criticized by the representative of Israel Kobi Marimi with the song Home.

Israel has shown absolutely meaningless “miracle”! The artist was absolutely not charismatic at all, rather the opposite. Probably just the Israelis no one to send. However, for small countries this is a normal story,
he said.

Kobe Marimi – Home: watch the performance