Unconventional travelers. 5 ideas for a budget holiday in Ukraine

Нестандартный отдых. 5 идей для бюджетного отпуска в Украине

There are many places where you can travel as a family, and a great company.

In Ukraine this summer, it is possible to relax not only budget, but also unusual. OLX real Estate analysts said, in what unusual places of the country you can go and where nearby can be expensive to rent housing.

Uman and Buksky canyon

Many interesting places are located in the direction of Uman. First and foremost is to visit dendropark “Sofiyivka”. She Uman also owns a rich history, so walking around town definitely will not be superfluous.

Just an hour drive from Uman, near the village of beeches is a picturesque Buksky canyon, the tour which will be definitely remembered for a long time. You can spend the night in the Uman: small apartment, one-bedroom and even three will cost an average of 500 UAH per day, and the house is 800 UAH/day.

Kherson region

Kherson region is interesting not only sea, but also the steppe part, where you can observe rare animals in their natural environment, to pay a visit to biosphere reserve Askania-Nova (sign up for the tour in advance), to visit one of the largest sandy areas of Europe – the Oleshky Sands and admire the spectacular views from the tops of Stanislavsky cliffs on the shore of the Dnepro-Bugsky estuary.

Geographically most convenient to stay in Kherson: one-bedroom apartment here costs on the average 450 UAH/day, two – and three – room- 550 UAH. The house will need to pay about 1000 UAH/day.

Mykolaiv region

In the Nikolaev area there are excavations of the ancient city and the center of the homonymous ancient Greek colony founded in the 7th century BC Olbia, which has the status of a national Park. It is located on the banks of the Dnieper-bug estuary near the village of Parutino.

Another interesting attraction of the area is the Aktovsky canyon, which is located near the eponymous village. The local scenery here is spectacular, the height of the rocks here sometimes reaches 40-50 meters.

Places to stay near these locations yet, so the most convenient way to stay in Mykolaiv: “odnushku” offered here for 380 UAH/day, kopeck piece – for 500 UAH, and a three – for 900 UAH. Renting a house will cost 800 UAH/day.

Ternopil region

The town itself Ternopil is already a place where there is something to see. For the arrival you can rent a home, selecting an apartment “like”: a one-bedroom costs an average of 500 UAH/day, and two – and three – room- 600 UAH.

Ternopil region is rich not only for its castles, for example, in Zbarazh and Skalat, and natural attractions such as the canyon in the town of zalischyky, dzhurinsky waterfall and an Optimistic cave is the longest gypsum cave in the world. All three locations are fairly close to each other.

Chernihiv region

Here are the former Cossack capital Baturyn, with Kirill Razumovsky Palace and the citadel, and cultural reserve Kachanivka, created on the basis of the Palace ensemble and Park.

Experience the beauty of nature in Medicinskom nature Park and Blue lake near the village of Oleshnya will be remembered for its pure spring water.

Located in Chernihiv, which also will be something to see. Odnushki is sit in an average 400 UAH/day, kopeck piece – for 500 UAH, and three-pointers – for 650 UAH. The house will cost about 750 UAH/day.

Нестандартный отдых. 5 идей для бюджетного отпуска в Украине

Нестандартный отдых. 5 идей для бюджетного отпуска в Украине