Under Achinsk – the explosions at military depots. Evacuated

Под Ачинском - взрывы на военных складах. Объявлена эвакуация

In the Achinsk district, Krasnoyarsk territory exploding ammunition in a military warehouse.

In the video, posted online by witnesses and sent to the editorial office of Radio Liberty, see smoke and the glow from explosions, the explosions.

Warehouses are located in the village of Kamenka near Achinsk. Telegram-channel Baza writes that the burning warehouse was kept mines and anti-aircraft ammunition. According to RIA Novosti, the warehouse is more than 40 thousand projectiles caliber 125 and 152 mm.

Carry out evacuation of the population. Several media outlets claim that evacuated in a radius of 20 kilometers from the warehouses. It is unclear whether it is held in the Achinsk. Official reports about this.

According to TASS, two people were hospitalized with shrapnel wounds, and to extinguish the fire sent experts.