Under Khmelnytskyi woman in a coma after the taxi

Под Хмельницком женщина впала в кому после поездки в маршрутке

Trip in a crowded minibus in the town of Shepetovka (Khmelnitsky region) turned into a coma for 63-year-old passenger. According to eyewitnesses, the woman at full speed and fell on the roadway, so they decided to rely on the tightly closed doors, misleading “Facts”.

After the fall, the woman received numerous bruises and at present, doctors are preparing her to be a complex operation, and only its results should give predictions about the future state of the patient.

The police, who launched an investigation into the incident, said that the bus was in good condition, questions only a door handle which is likely to hit the passenger leaning on the door.

The bus until completion of the investigation is on a shtrafploshchadka, and the driver was suspended from work. If the consequence proves fault of the transport company in the incident, the court may sentence the driver to prison for 8 years.