Under Krivoy Rog rescuers gathered and destroyed explosive “yield”

Под Кривым Рогом спасатели собрали и уничтожили взрывоопасный "урожай"

Weekend bomb experts of service of rescue had to work. Local residents of different areas under the Curve of the Horn found in the ground a total of about 60 ammunition.

This Informant reports citing the press service of the SSES in Dnipropetrovsk region.

November 16 near the village of High Field Krivoy Rog district during the uprooting of trees in the forest, a man found the outdated artillery shells al-76 mm in the amount of 14 units.

At inspection of the territory by the staff of Service of rescue “101” was discovered additional obsolete ammunition a total number of 32 units, namely:

  • artillery shells of caliber of as-76 mm – 29 units;
  • anti-tank mines TMI-42 – 2 units;
  • manual anti-tank grenade RPG-40 – 1 unit.

So on November 17 in Shyrokivskyi district village Green Beam while walking, a local resident discovered items similar to anti-tank cumulative grenade RPG-2 with 10 units of world war II.

On the same day in the Krivoy Rog area near the village of Moiseevka while collecting mushrooms, a citizen found the subject similar to the outdated artillery shell caliber 76 mm in quantity of 1 unit.

The office of the group of explosive works further examined the surrounding area. Other dangerous items in these areas was found. All detected munitions destroyed by a controlled detonation.