Under the Curve of the Horn, the inspectors of the fishery caught three poachers

Под Кривым Рогом инспекторы рыбнадзора поймали трех браконьеров

Three resourceful men in the South reservoir under cover of night poaching. More than 1000 crayfish and 20 kg of fish with that catch in excess of permissible limits, they were detained by the inspectors.

This Informant reported the press service of the Dnipropetrovsk region Rosrybhoza. At dawn, may 23, at the southern water reservoir near the village of Welcome Krivoy Rog district conservation patrol caught three men “hot”.

Enterprising guys manually using wetsuits, managed to catch fish and crabs in the 26 698 USD – 1039 cancers, as well as for 6 carp and perch with a total weight of 20 kg.

Offenders detained for gross violation of fishing regulations. Materials prepared for transfer to the investigation bodies at the place of Commission of the offences. The issue of initiation of criminal proceedings under article 249 of the criminal code of Ukraine – illegal occupation of fishing. The maximum punishment under this article – till three years of restriction or deprivation of liberty.

Под Кривым Рогом инспекторы рыбнадзора поймали трех браконьеров