Under the Curve of the Horn was found and defused shells during the Second World war

Под Кривым Рогом найдены и обезврежены снаряды эпохи Второй Мировой войны

In the fields under Krivoy Rog found and defused two shells of the Second World war.

This Informant reported the press service of the SSES in Dnipropetrovsk region.

As written in the report, the first finding was made on June 9, in the forest near the village of Petrovo Sophia area during carrying out search works members of the public organization “Iskrivka” who called pyrotechnics. It was an old artillery shell caliber 76 mm.

The second “greetings from the past” found in the Sofia district in a field near the village First of May during the ground works. It was rusted mortar mine of caliber of 82 mm.

Both explosive objects taken to a special area and defused in a controlled explosion.

Other dangerous objects on or near the munitions rescuers have not identified.

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