Under the Kiev began to build a nuclear waste storage facility

Под Запорожьем начали строить хранилище ядерных отходов

At the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, work began on the construction of a hangar warehouse light type. About reports a press-service nuclear power plant.

This property – continued improved complex for processing of radioactive waste ZNPP, but it is also an independent object. Vault light type will place RAO, already Packed in a special “barrel” containers. Next they will to place in another pair of containers – concrete (the principle of nesting dolls). One such concrete containers are able to place four barrels of radioactive waste.

Area for storage, light type built directly next to the complex for processing of radioactive waste. At this stage of the work the builders and contractor establish a special reinforced concrete piles, which will be a kind of “cushion” for the Foundation repository. Next year will start to construct the walls, because the store though easy, but still is assumed to be closed.