“Under the wing of a rooster” After the termination of the contract with Black Star creed will go to the care to Igor Krutoy

«Под крылом у петушка»: После расторжения контракта с Black Star Крид уйдет на попечение к Игорю Крутому

The network discusses the end of the contract period Yegor creed with Black Star on 21 March, after which the artist will be opened all the way. Latest creative efforts of Yegor forced to guess that he is aiming towards “pop” music, under the wing of producer Boris Moiseyev and Jura Shatunova.

About the end of the contract period stated Egor Krid. The actor has not said whether he is going to renew it, as well, and otherwise. However, the recent actions of Yegor, such as a cover of the hit Pugacheva “Million scarlet roses” and write a joint track with Igor Krutoy give reason to make an assumption about drastic change in his artistic orientation.

For anybody not a secret that the last time creed was a “opopsel”. His latest solo tracks give the Fleur scenes zero: simple text and soft music is all you can say about them.

Give reason to classify pop music Egor and write joint tracks with such elders of the Russian scene as Igor Krutoy, Filipp Kirkorov. Perhaps, in addition to its considerable army girls fans, the rapper decided to draw in their audience and their mothers, the benefit level of popularity allows.

However, in this case, the cooperation with the Black Star will only interfere the artist. In the end the image of “mafia”, so diligently supported, Timothy little falls on sugary idol and small, in the long term, not young girls. There is every reason to assume that the end of March will be Black record label fatal day. After all, creed is probably the most popular artist in the squad Timati and recover from such a loss will be very difficult, if not impossible.

Back to creed after leaving Black Star is anyone’s guess. Maybe he’ll go in solo sailing and will be able to compete with most Stas Mikhailov’s success among the female public. However, fans attribute to him the imminent cooperation with Joseph Prigogine and Igor Krutoy. Last, in the humble opinion of the editors, probably because of past joint work and overall direction of the musical activities Cool. Agree, much easier to imagine Yegor on vocals Boris Moiseyev, than Valeria.