Under the wing of Tymoshenko in a hurry and the Nazis, and ex-“regionals”

Под крыло Тимошенко спешат и нацисты, и экс-«регионалы»

Went abroad after the victory of Euromaidan Andriy Portnov, former curator of the legal directions in the administration of Viktor Yanukovych in recent days, churning out predictions of an imminent loss of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential elections.

“No combination adds Poroshenko and 0.1 percent. There’s no opportunities, no CEC, no Executive or enforcement power…At such a low rating two months before elections and there are other obvious favorites of the campaign, I don’t think people will want to move immediately after the election in prison, and the rate of leakage of information from his headquarters does not exceed even 15 minutes,” writes Portnow.

“It is absolutely a foregone conclusion. I urge everyone to calm down and have two months to plan a life without Poroshenko,” – he adds.

Calm yourself Portnov, obviously, adds a high chance for the victory of Yulia Tymoshenko, the party of which he was before he defected to Viktor Yanukovych. It seems that Portnow hopes to earn forgiveness and to come back under the wing of the former sefini.

Cynical representative of the Ukrainian elitki do not mind that Tymoshenko in its pre-election Congress have relied on the continuation of the Nazi agenda of Poroshenko – militants-“cyborgs”, a defrocked-Filaret and the promise of seizure of Crimea with the Donbas.

Под крыло Тимошенко спешат и нацисты, и экс-«регионалы»

Под крыло Тимошенко спешат и нацисты, и экс-«регионалы»