Under Vladimir poisoned 40 cadets

Под Владимиром отравились 40 кадетов

Regional Department of health denies everything. And quantity less, and the reason is not the same.

Whatever it was, the cadets under Vladimir massively poisoned. If you remember a similar case in Ulyanovsk, you can come to the conclusion that the army poisoned in his youth.

Data on the number of people poisoned different. Some sources report that more than forty people. Thus, management institutions, allegedly received an order to disband the cadets home to write off all domestic problems out of touch with the cadet corps.

The Department of health holds a different point of view. The dissolution of the cadets on their homes, says the Agency, is associated with the SARS epidemic. The CPS, on the contrary, that in the cadet corps made a rotavirus infection.

The corps conducted sanitation. Presumably, the cadets will return to him on February 17.

Recently in Ulyanovsk the pupils-cadets was discovered echinococcosis. Caught at least 30 cadets. To treat them had to be sent to Moscow.

The care of the state of health of the cadets is a good thing. Here only it would be cheaper to ensure that pupils are fed safe food in schools.

The state refers to its future officers and they will protect him. However, most will still be. Not only the government officials and their Fatherland.

It’s amazing how no one agreed that it form a kind of vaccination immunity, because in the field everything will be much dirtier.