UNESCO has included Odessa in the list of creative cities in the world

ЮНЕСКО внесла Одессу в список творческих городов мира

UNESCO decided to include Odessa in the list of creative cities in the world. An important event dedicated to the world cities day celebrated on 31 October. On this occasion, the 66 cities of new members to join the network of UNESCO creative cities, among them Kiev. With the new members, currently the Network consists of a total of 246 cities.

The network brings together cities, the basis of which lies the creativity, be it music, decorative-applied and folk art, design, film, literature, media art or gastronomy.

In the message of UNESCO, UNN, stated that Odessa will develop a literature.

Creative city UNESCO strive to deliver creative and cultural industry in the framework of its development plans and share best practices.

On 31 October, UNESCO and representatives of 24 cities around the world will celebrate world cities day. On this occasion, UNESCO is mobilizing its various urban networks, whose activities are focused not only on culture but also on issues of access, inclusion, education for global citizenship, human rights, economic development and employment, prevention of climate change and sustainable urban development. In the framework of the celebration will be organized by the “urban dialogues”, designed to showcase the outstanding achievements of cities that have relied on innovation and collective intelligence in building their future.

The partnership between UNESCO and Netexplo Observatory will also showcase the achievements of the ten cities that use the latest technological innovations for the benefit of citizens for the sustainable transformation of cities around the world. Based on data from a global network consisting of 20 universities, ten cities will be awarded for innovative use of digital technology for socio-economic and environmental development.