Unexpected things, seeing them, you need to thoroughly wash hands

Неожиданные вещи, прикоснувшись к которым, необходимо тщательно вымыть руки

Hardly anyone would think to touch your face or, for example, to go prepare dinner for the family, before it washed the toilet and not washing hands after.

And here is our hands on a menu, most people quietly starts to eat. But the folders with the list of dishes touches daily a huge number of people, leaving on the surface of many bacteria.

From even the things we use daily, we do not expect the trick, says the Rambler.

Other people’s pens

To lend someone a pen at the other. That’s right, absolutely nothing. If you then wash your hands. But be honest, how often do you do it? Meanwhile, the regular pen lives a huge number of microbes can easily move your hands.

Liquid soap dispenser

We all know that in public places use liquid soap, which is filled with special devices is much more hygienic than a lump. However, in this case, to fully avoid the risk of “catch” other people’s germs and bacteria can not be avoided. The fact that the pumps, which can dispense soap is a great gathering place of bacteria. Therefore, touching the dispenser, hands should be washed carefully twice.

Touch screens

The touchscreen is certainly convenient. They are now literally everywhere: banks, cafes, restaurants, airports. And we touch him, getting a ticket, ordering food, choosing a seat in the theater. How many people have touched them before us? And it is not known whether they were healthy, did not attend any prior to this, the restroom… Think about this, and it is unlikely that you will forget after this to wash my hands.