Unhealthy diet is deadly dangerous: a shocking study

Нездоровое питание смертельно опасно: шокирующее исследование

Improper diet kills 11 million people a year worldwide, which is significantly more than the number of deaths from tobacco Smoking and high blood pressure. To such conclusion scientists from the Institute of metrics and evaluation health in Seattle (USA), reports 24tv.ua.

Healthy eating: what are the myths were true

The results of a global study showed that in 2017, junk food was the cause of 11 million deaths that could be prevented. The researchers note: tobacco use prematurely killed 8 million people. But because of the high pressure 10 died, 4 million people.

Proper diet: 10 key principles

Often a person who is malnourished can die from a heart attack and stroke, cancer, and type II diabetes. The biggest problem is not “food waste” and a deficit of minerals and vitamins that are in vegetables and fruits. That is, a large number of deaths on lack of healthy products in the diet.

How to go on a healthy diet: nutritionist revealed a simple secret

Increases the risk of premature death, excessive drinking large quantities of salt, red and processed meat, sweet drinks and a small amount of milk and fiber in the diet.

The specialists told what foods you should not eat in order not to harm your body.