Union, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Vakarchuk, the replacement of Viatrovych, the Institute of naramata, two weeks before the land market

Союз Порошенко, Тимошенко и Вакарчука, замена Вятровича в Институте нацпамяти, две недели до рынка земли

What is behind the Alliance Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Vakarchuk?

“European solidarity”, “Fatherland” and “the Voice” yesterday called on all citizens to come out Sunday for precautionary action of protest dedicated to the upcoming meeting of the Normandy four in Paris.

It is possible that the shares will be massive, but it does not matter. More importantly, recent sociology has shown that 75% of citizens are in favor of peace and compromise in the Donbas, but because of the power it would be foolish to rely on 15%, supporting a different point of view. Even if the 15% sometimes sound louder than the rest of the country.

Attention should be paid to the other – situational Alliance sworn enemies of Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko, joined Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

With the latter, in principle, everything is clear: as a representative of another Galician party, he can not take a hostile stance towards the Minsk agreement and everything connected with them. The only thing that could be confusing is the Alliance with Poroshenko, who through their porkopolis drenched Vakarchuk during the parliamentary campaign stronger than anyone else.

But this, of course, nonsense on the background of 15-year-old history of hostility between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Their Union in a situational Alliance is really the result of great moral sacrifice. But these are due to the victim not the significance of the “Paris” theme, and features internal competition postmedieval in the ranks of the opposition.

Poroshenko ready to accept anyone (of course, within the ideological paradigm), because he still sees himself as a kind of spiritual father of the nation. But Tymoshenko is now ready to join anyone within the same paradigm, to overcome the leader of the “Patriotic” opposition and force everyone to forget that until recently she was flirting with him.

Given the fact that “European solidarity” with the arrival of Vladimir Vyatrovich will inevitably slide into outright nationalism, then there will have to slide and Tymoshenko. So in the end instead of a single “Voice” soon we can get three ideological nationalist party.

Why Viatrovych don’t like his replacement?

And what about Vyatrovich. Yesterday he found a replacement at the Institute of naramachi – the infamous Director of the Institute appointed associate Professor of philosophy Anton Drabovich. Despite some similarity of names, viatrovych candidacy his mate was criticized, saying that it is the wrong decision, which “in the national memory may not be the place to stay for Ukraine and Ukrainians.”

Given the fact that the appointment of Grabovica approved by the Minister of culture Vladimir Borodyansky, is unlikely to suspect that the new head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory is the enemy of the Ukrainians. Probably just for Vyatrovich anyone who is less nationalist than he is his personal enemy. Or former Director of the Institute has proactively that his mate suddenly began to change anything.

That certain changes in the Institute of naramata possible Drabovich has said. Instead of ideological struggle – public dialogue. Instead of propaganda – historical honesty and critical thinking. And mention of the fact that the political nation is not only Ukrainians, but also poles, Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Tatars etc. (interestingly, calling six of national minorities, Director of the Institute didn’t mention the Russians – the largest ethnic minority in the country).

While it’s all words, but viatrovych and for such words ready to sentence to death. However, the main thing – what will be the case. Now begins the story, similar to what was recently in the Ministry of health, where the new leadership is trying to clean up the Ministry from the frames Suprun (and eventually lost).

Any attempt to clean up the winp from the frames of Viatrovych will be accompanied by curses from the “European solidarity”, porkopolis and sympathizers. And not the fact that Drabovich withstand such pressure. And if you do not stand and surrender, there is nothing in naramata will not change.

Although without a “spark” during the Viatrovych have on the life of the country, the influence of this institution will be in any case much smaller.

The land market: only two weeks?

Yesterday the leader of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya called time, which is a law on the land market. As already warned other “servants”, no referendum between the first and the second reading will not (it will generally be a year or two or three).

And adopted in the final version going to the parliamentary week from 16 to 20 December. That is, in two weeks.

And these two weeks Bankova have to solve all the extremely complex tasks associated with the act. First, find votes. Secondly, you have to decide what will still be the law.

As has been repeatedly stated by all the authorities, they’re going to pass a law which will either directly stated prohibition on land purchase by foreigners, or in the transitional provisions write down the rule that the possibility of purchase of land by citizens of other countries will appear (or not appear) only after a referendum.

However, according to unofficial information, this option does not suit the international monetary Fund. So, there might be a situation when the law is passed, but the sense of it (in terms of signing a new program with the IMF) will not. And now from this difficult dilemma you need to find a way out, a search which will be hard to deal with the authorities the next two weeks.

Code “Servants of the people”: would the deputies on harakiri?

Meanwhile, in “the Servant of the people” looking for new ways to install at a fraction of the discipline and thus to maintain monopolista. Yesterday, the “servant” received a draft code of ethics of MPs, consisting of 10 items.

And, interestingly, the code was written by the people’s Deputy Alexander by Dubinski, which often is in opposition to the faction’s leadership. Apparently, just the authorship Dubinsky must demonstrate that any intention to establish a dictatorship with the help of this code.

However, the authorship of internal opposition had an impact on only one, a very liberal rule for decision-making on a particular project we need at least 70% of the votes of the faction. Accordingly, 30% of the deputies of the faction – that is, slightly more than 80 MPs have the right to veto any vote.

However, even this very liberal rule ultimately leads to the enslavement of deputies, since its introduction means the loss of the right of every Deputy to vote against or to abstain. As a separate clause about the obligation to implement the decisions of the faction.

In addition, in the case of systematic non-decisions of the faction, the member must withdraw from it (for spisochnik means automatic loss of the mandate. The mandate needs to be put and in that case, if the member did not vote in person.

Interestingly, one of the first points of the code says that “the main objective of the MP is the implementation of the requirements of voters.” And it leaves a wide field for maneuver of the internal opposition. As “servant of the people” promised to solve the issue according to the law on state language, not to impose draconian Labor code.

NATO summit: good news for trump and Zelensky

The NATO summit in London yesterday ended with a scandal: Donald trump left, slamming the door literally, and decided not to stay at the final press conference. However, this is more of a toy scandal, since all the major issues the Alliance partners in London decided. And decided as initially wanted trump.

Now, the US contribution to the NATO budget is reduced and the contributions of most European countries – is increasing. The Alliance for the first time issued an official statement directed against China. Finally, NATO condemned the statement of French President Emmanuel Macron about “brain death” of the organization.

So Makron with friends could be as many jokes about the American President, but the fact remains: the White house’s position is still in the Alliance is crucial.

As for Ukraine, then we have no news from London is not. Despite the claims of Parliament, no question about the action plan for Kiev was not considered, while Budapest will continue to block all attempts to hold official events with participation of Ukrainian authorities. And this is, perhaps, quite satisfied Zelensky, for which NATO is one of the most uncomfortable points, splitting the electorate.

Союз Порошенко, Тимошенко и Вакарчука, замена Вятровича в Институте нацпамяти, две недели до рынка земли

Союз Порошенко, Тимошенко и Вакарчука, замена Вятровича в Институте нацпамяти, две недели до рынка земли

Союз Порошенко, Тимошенко и Вакарчука, замена Вятровича в Институте нацпамяти, две недели до рынка земли

Союз Порошенко, Тимошенко и Вакарчука, замена Вятровича в Институте нацпамяти, две недели до рынка земли