“Union”: result and consequences

«Союз»: следствие и последствия


Alex Ovchinin and Nick Haig arrived in Star city, where the crew of “Soyuz MS-10” will have a full medical examination and rehabilitation. During the emergency descent and landing, the cosmonaut and astronaut suffered a big overload. But according to doctors, they were fully prepared for such serious health consequences not:

Vyacheslav Rogozhnikov, the Deputy head Federal mediko-biological Agency:

“The astronauts are absolutely healthy, feeling good at them, just regulation specifies the need for annual checkups and examinations. And they are healthy and medical care is not needed”.

Representatives of the Commission of inquiry report that has all the necessary materials in order to determine the exact cause of the incident. Among other things, in Kazakhstan collected all the fragments of the emergency stairs.

But during the investigation to stop the launches of Soyuz rockets — and therefore the flights of manned spacecraft and cargo “Progress”. Now the main question — what will happen to the ISS.

Sergei Krikalev, Executive Director of the Roscosmos:

“Adjustment program, of course, will. Maybe for a few days this will extend the flight crew is now aboard the ISS], but we don’t have much opportunity to extend this mission much. We will try as much as possible to speed up the start of the next crew.”

A number of experts talking about the possibility to mothball the ISS, leaving her without a crew, but it would be desirable: experience of operating Soviet “Salute” suggests that conservation faces serious consequences.

Until that canceled the spacewalk, which was to establish the cause of the previous incident — a depressurization of one of the docked to the station “Union”.

Video Editing • Pavel Barsukov

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