Unique historical photos of Melitopol 1941 – German offensive (photo)

Уникальные исторические фото Мелитополя 1941 года - наступление немцев (фото)

Melitopoltsy the crumbs collect and transmit information about the history of his native city. To this day preserved the photo as it appeared in 1941 – early in the war.

– October 6, 1941, after successful operations in the South of Ukraine the Nazis came to Melitopol. Residents unambiguously to the occupiers: some with fear, others with bread and salt and looking forward to the restoration of the “old order”, return of property and land, wrote in his book, the historian Boris Mikhailov.

The Germans, as soon as I took Melitopol, immediately began to introduce their “new order.” They began with mass arrests of Communists, Komsomol members and trade Union members. Many residents who had not evacuated to the East, were shot or taken to concentration camps and prisons, which were built on pump and over cap-compressor plant at the farm “Plitprom” on the territory of malleable cast iron plant (now JSC “refma”), there were camps in the villages Voznesensk, Konstantinovka, Patience and Saviour.

A great misfortune befell the Jewish population. Near the villages of Voznesenka, Konstantinovka and Danilo-Ivanovka in late 1941 – early 1942 was shot more than 14 thousand old men, women and children…

Later, after liberation from the occupation of Melitopol, October 30, 1943 the Commission, which was major I. V. Lebedev, Sergeant V. J. Elkin, representatives of the city D. A. Minko, V. P. Trofimov, V. K., Filippovsky, N. I. Koshkarev, S. V. Tsiper and the representative clergy Archpriest peschanskaya cemetery Orthodox Church Gregory p., said:

“8 October 1941 German-fascist scoundrels were driven to the mill near Berdyansk bridge (Profinterna str.) more than 1 800 Jewish families. 11 Oct butchers led about 3,000 women, elderly, children, the anti-tank ditch near the village of Voznesenka and Konstantinovka, forced the men to lie on the bottom of the pit, after which the gunners alternately shot each in the head. The same wild violence men perpetrated against women and children… the Invaders have exterminated the entire Jewish population of the city, killed hundreds of the best Soviet activists at the hands of executioners and traitors were killed… the pianist rose Mendelssohn, pianist Yakov Lurie, a talented young violinist, 11-year-old boy Bulgac, the oldest teacher of the city Y. V. Elkin, lecturer of accounting courses I. Bunin…”

In this photo, German engineers poured antitank ditch near Kerch. 1941.

And it is the remnants of the barricades after the capture by the Germans of Melitopol. October 1941. At the bottom is visible down the street. Judging by the houses left and right, like the descent down to the current Central market.

Уникальные исторические фото Мелитополя 1941 года - наступление немцев (фото)

Уникальные исторические фото Мелитополя 1941 года - наступление немцев (фото)

Уникальные исторические фото Мелитополя 1941 года - наступление немцев (фото)